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Advertising Policy

Our reviews are intended to guide you in choosing the best pest control services for you and your family, and we use an established rating process that is free of bias or influence. To keep these services free, we do accept affiliate commissions from some of the companies mentioned on this site.

In each of our reviews or comparisons, we transparently list all of the products and services a company is offering and link to them so our readers can easily receive more information. When we establish an affiliate partnership with a company, it doesn’t affect our writing, ranking, or listing of products and services. However, when readers click on affiliated product links and follow through with a lead or sale, we may receive a commission from the company. These referrals are only tracked on affiliate company websites, and we do not receive any compensation when readers click on links from non-affiliated companies.

This advertising policy is in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines. These guidelines are laid out in order to protect the consumer from deception and to ensure they’re receiving what they pay for when purchasing any product or service. is dedicated to maintaining transparency for its readers and making it clear and conspicuous that we have affiliate relationships with some of the brands mentioned throughout our site.

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How We Rate

There are a large number of pest control companies competing for your attention online, and deciding which to call can be overwhelming, especially if you’re currently dealing with a pest control problem. To help you choose the one that’s right for you, we’ve chosen some of the best companies and performed a systematic review by rating each company in five separate categories to come up with an overall score.

Overall Quality

You want the most reliable possible company in charge of keeping tabs on your health and well being. For that reason, we look into each company’s history and consider how long they’ve been in business, whether you’re likely to be dealing with a single company or a franchise with multiple independent businesses, and whether the company has national reach.

Features & Services Provided

What services does the company provide? Do they offer help with a wide variety of pests, or do they specialize in only a few? Do they offer low-impact, organic, or low-toxicity approaches? How well do they train their technicians? Do they provide a guarantee, will they do additional treatments if the first isn’t effective, and (for termite treatments) will they pay for damage if they miss an infestation? We look into all these different aspects and rate them on the services they offer.

Customer Support & Reviews

We take the legwork out of looking at online customer reviews by reading a wide sample and summarizing them for you. We look in particular at three important categories for pest control: punctuality—whether technicians show up on time as promised, persistence—whether you can rely on the company to take care of your problem, and effectiveness—whether a company was routinely able to take care of a pest problem in their first treatment. We get a sense of the “word on the street” about the company, and turn it into a rating


Pest control costs vary widely between rural and urban areas, by geography, and depending on what pest needs exterminating. This makes it hard to standardize pricing, but we look out for outliers. We also look at whether the company facilitates smart shopping by providing free estimates, whether they require you to sign an annual contract, and what sort of refunds and guarantees they offer to back up their work.