RunCam Device Protocol. RunCam Device Protocol may be the communication that is serial initially developed when it comes to RunCam Split and analog digital digital cameras.

RunCam Device Protocol

RunCam Device Protocol could be the serial interaction protocol initially developed for the RunCam separate and analog digital digital cameras.

The protocol itself supports not just complete digital camera osd menu navigation but in addition triggering recording on separate style digital cameras also interacting the available sd-card room, syncing the present date, writing into the osd and switching the digital camera or wifi function (if available) off and on.

Not all the options that come with the protocol are supported in betaflight but both betaflights help plus the protocol it self come in continued development.

Recently just like TBS Smartaudio and IRC Tramp other programs (for example Caddx) began to follow help for the protocol inside their digital cameras.

Presently supported features in betaflight

The present protocol specification can be located right right here:

Supported cameras/devices and procedures

Analog/classic fpv cameras

Any RunCam Camera that supports UART digital camera settings should work.

Micro Swift 3, Runcam Racer 2, etc.

RunCam Split cameras (1,2,mini and mini 2 etc.) also work but may necessitate a firmware upgrade. The runcam that is first delivered with a different sort of protocol – be sure to update it in any event as more recent firmwares improved different things.

OSD Menu Control

Going into the menu that is osd alter settings should utilize exactly the same stick commands as FPV Camera Control

Camera Button Simulation (Record/Photo/Wifi/Power Switch)

Firmware: BetaFlight Firmware (≥3.2.0) Configurator computer computer software: Betaflight Configurator (≥3.2.0)

Any UART that is available interface the BetaFlight

1.Connect the RunCam Split utilizing the UART screen regarding the journey Controller

2.Make the trip Controller escort service in pueblo recognize the Split

As an example, we connect the separate into the UART 3 software in the BetaFlight: link the journey controller to your computer, then start the Betaflight Configurator. Into the Peripherals line associated with line UART3 (regarding the Ports tab), choose RunCam unit and click Save And Reboot.

3.Instructions associated with the functions associated with the digital digital camera and transmitter that is assigning for them

Into the Betaflight Configurator, navigate into the Modes tab. You can find brand brand new CAMERA WI-FI, CAMERA ENERGY and CAMERA CHANGE modes.

CAMERA WI-FI: turn on/off the WIFI of this digital digital camera. Whenever when you look at the OSD for the digital camera, this is certainly utilized to ensure your selection. CAMERA ENERGY: start/stop the video clip. Whenever when you look at the OSD associated with digital camera, this might be utilized to go to the menu item that is next. CAMERA CHANGE MODE: switch on the list of three modes, video clip, picture and OSD mode that is setting. Whenever into the OSD associated with digital camera, this can leave the menu. Assign any available channel to the big event you will need, for instance:

Assign the AUX1 to your CAMERA WI-FI, range 1900-2100 Assign the AUX2 towards the CAMERA ENERGY, range 1900-2100 Assign the AUX3 towards the CAMERA CHANGE MODE, range 1900-2100

4.Assign the channel to your switch for the controller

Please select your Model from the controller, then usage of the Mixer screen and designate the channel towards the switch associated with the controller. Take opentx 2.2.0 for instance, assign the channels CH5, CH6, and CH7 to SA, SB, SD correspondingly.

Energy the trip Controller as well as the RunCam separate

Set the SA into the base, the digital camera turns on/off the WIFI Set the SB to your base, the digital camera starts/stops the video clip Set the SD towards the base, the digital digital camera switches among the list of three modes: movie, photo and OSD mode that is setting

Caddx Turtle v2

Caddx additionally applied support for the RunCam Device protocol via their final firmware enhance. Please be aware but that just the turtle v2 correctly supports UART settings because the v1 had some connections that are incompatible the board despite having UART pads.

For the v1 it is possible to nevertheless make use of FPV Camera Control to go into the OSD and get a handle on the digital digital digital camera via your transmitter.

Beware that OSD control is disabled during recording.

OSD Menu Control

Entering the osd menu to alter settings should utilize exactly the same stick commands as FPV Camera Control

Camera Button Simulation (Recording)

Just like the RunCam Split recording that is starting/stopping a switch is supported. Proceed with the directions outlined above to create it.

Other supported devices

RunCam Control Adapter (OSD Cable Simulation)

The RunCam Control Adapter, which links amongst the OSD pin as well as an UART in the FC, enables navigation of this OSD menu through the transmitter. Unlike the FPV Camera Control but no resistors that are additional capacitors are needed.

With regards to the device some shortcut keys are also supported. For example roll that is keeping to to your right will switch the currently chosen scene when utilizing a Micro Swift2.